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Adore Your Body Telesummits

Often, we live alone with our insecurities about our bodies. In these informational interviews, you will hear stories that echo your own, become enlightened about experiences far beyond and outside your own, and receive tips for how to improve your relationship with your body, based on the experiences of the Telesummit interviewees. 

Adore Your Body Three Part Training

Comprised of three short videos, Erica addresses top concerns from those struggling with body image challenges. 

Video 1

You Look Good! (Stop Worryin’ About It)

The hard truth is, most people don’t pay attention to what you look like the way you do. They just don’t care. In this video Erica talks about compassion as a harmful habit, and gives you some actionable steps to handle it. 

Video 2

Banish the Cookie Monster! (Emotional Eating Unraveled)

Emotional eating is a symptom of a deeper problem. Erica outlines how to uncover it, and offers some hopeful good medicine.

Video 3

You’re Not Just Pretty! (Life’s About More Than Looking Good!)

Although so much of female currency seems to rely on how we look (and it’s partially true!), at the end of your life, this will not be the measure of your value. Unhooking from this value equation opens the door for you to think about how to spend this one precious life. Erica offers some soulful practices. 

From Erica I learned that we have the right to strong, healthy bodies, and the right to feel comfortable in our bodies.  What a revelation.  Believing in my body had never before occurred me.



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