airplaneSometimes when I’m working with coaching clients, they despair over what they perceive as setbacks.

You know—when you fall back into a pattern that you thought you had kicked.   In those moments, sometimes they wonder out loud, “will I ever get over this?”

And, the answer that I give, because you can rely on me for truth, is, “No. But.”

Here’s the scoop.

I believe that we all are patterned with our own life challenges. Some of us will have problems with our family of origin. Some will have addiction issues. Some will struggle with depression. Some will have challenges around finances and home. Some of us will struggle to create partnerships. Some of us will live with chronic illness.

And here’s the beauty: Our challenges are set before us to help us grow.

To grow means to get bigger in some capacity.

When you get bigger, the things around you get smaller. So, as you wrangle with your whatever-issue and grow, your issue forces you to get bigger, and the issue therefore becomes smaller.

Think of it like spiraling up higher and higher in an airplane. You can see the shapes of your patterns from above, as you circle around, and they get smaller as you ascend.

While your issue will never go away completely, because it’s wired into you neurologically, there are some signs that you are getting more skilled at dancing with it.

  1. You catch the pattern faster
  2. It has less power
  3. You don’t get pulled in as deep into it
  4. You move on more quickly

Your challenges make you who and what you are today. Don’t let them keep you small: make sure they become instruments of your transformation, beauty, and growth.

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