I started to make this list, and then by beloved had a great idea. Why stop at what I can think of right now? What can we do to continue to learn to be kind to one another in 2016? Let’s make this a running list. Add at any time, in the comments. I look forward to seeing your contributions!

  1. Always tip. Always
  2. Hold a door for a UPS man. Or a FedEx Man. Or a lady with a stroller. Or a man with a stroller. Or an elderly person. Or the pregnant lady
  3. Help put the with the luggage in the overhead bin
  4. Clean up after yourself so someone else doesn’t have to
  5. When someone bumps you on the subway, look at them and smile. It was probably an accident. And we’ve all accidentally bumped someone
  6. Let someone else go first
  7. Think of ways to be sweet, when you want to be sharp or sour
  8. Offer a word of encouragement
  9. Flirt a little. Flirting always improves everything
  10. Compliment someone’s actions
  11. Give a gift for no good reason
  12. Say thank you
  13. Say please
  14. Say excuse me
  15. Ask, will you forgive me?
  16. Say, why yes, you’re right!
  17. Avoid arguing over the details
  18. Say I love you
  19. Wonder, what would love do? How would Love behave?
  20. Imagine if the tables were turned how would you want to be treated
  21. Think about what would make the other person happy, truly happy. Try to find out

This is a pic of me with my band, way back when. We had fun together. And tried to be kind to one another. Good memories.